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Wondering how to make animation movies? Arena’s Animation Animation Film Design is a comprehensive course that gives you end-to-end training in all aspects of animation production and makes you a job-ready professional. It gives you a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of pre-production, anatomy design, animatics, visualization, character design & development, animation scene planning, 2D animation, and 3D animation. Make your career in animation film making with Arena and learn the latest tools and technologies used in the animation industry.





·      Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques

·      Anatomy Drawing

·      Body Language & Expressions

·      Lights, Colour & Perspectives

·      Creating Digital Art

·      Adobe Photoshop Extended

·      Animation Concepts

·      Concept Design, Development & Storytelling Techniques

·      Scriptwriting for Animation

·      Character Design & Development

·      Concepts - Adobe Photoshop Extended

·      Acting & Voice Characterization

·      Concepts - Adobe Audition

·      Concept Art & Inspirational Sketches

·      Visual Scripting with Film Language

·      Storyboarding for Animatics

·      Adobe Photoshop Extended

·      Editing for Animatics

·      Adobe Premiere Pro

·      Showreel Development


·      Principles of Animation

·      Timing for Animation

·      Keyframing, Inbetweening & Clean-ups

·      Digital Ink & Paint

·      Animation Scene Planning

·      2D Animation Post production

·      Showreel Development


·      Clay Modeling

·      Modeling with Maya

·      Texturing with Maya

·      Rigging with MAYA

·      Character Animation with Maya

·      Lighting and Rendering with Maya

·      Dynamics & Simulations

·      Pixar Renderman

·      Digital Fx

·      Digital Video Editing, Color Grading & Finishing

·      Showreel Development





  • Job-oriented, industry centric curriculum

  • Hands-on practical training using latest tools and software  

  • Certified faculty

  • Exposure to industry interaction and workshops

  • Placement assistance

  • Access to Onlinevarsity, our exclusive e-learning platform  

  • Access to Creosouls, a platform to showcase your portfolio

  • Instant student loan facility to fund the studies